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IT-Finance trading platforms can be used as a primary trading platform or reserved for premium users. They provide an excellent way to attract new users and increase average order volume. Some advantages include:

  • Customization: Our trading platforms may be branded with your logo and customized. Different order types are supported and can easily be added or removed.
  • High performance datafeeds: We can provide ultra low latency datafeeds for these platforms or integrate your proprietary data for markets such as forex and CFDs. Historical data loads quickly thanks to optimized processing and optimized database structures.
  • High availability service: To ensure the best availability of the service, we can provide our Platinum architecture with all services doubled in multiple datacenters. If the connection to one datacenter becomes unavailable or degraded, end-users will be automatically directed to a second datacenter.
  • Certified secure solution: Security is of critical importance for any trading platform. Some of the steps we take to ensure security include investments in high-end firewalls, use of ultra secure network zones, regular system updates, data encryption, secure protocols and external audits by security experts. A copy of our latest audit report may be provided upon request.
  • No need to manage historical data: If you use a trading platform with charts provided by IT-Finance, we provide you with the historical data displayed in the charts so you do not need to manage it yourself.
  • Easy and fast implementation: Adding a new trading platform to your offering can be done easily and quickly. End-users will be able to place orders through our platform to your systems and orders placed in your systems will be visible in real-time to our platform.

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